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Created by leading experts, the GMZFX educational program gives you the chance to learn the secrets of the biggest financial market in the world – the Forex market. This knowledge can help you take advantage of the many opportunities, which the Forex market creates with its 5 trillion US Dollars daily turnover and huge number of participants. GMZFX is an educational program of Genius Mind Zone. GMZFX is a Forex training program which combines leading education, market simulation, and prizes for the best traders.

The Association was created for giving traders the opportunity to earn more by working with the brokers through our service! By registering with a broker not directly, but through the IAFT, you do not lose anything. Nothing changes for you except that you get cashback from us every single month!

The IAFT is a well known rebate service which helps traders to get extra money on trading. Trade commodity, currency pairs or CFD as usual and have a discount on every trade! You can make a tax rebate check and find out what discount can you get right now!

Only traders who do not know about us are not with us! We have made a really profitable service for every trader without exception!

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GMZFX advantages for Forex trading
A trader is a key player in the Forex market. When working with the GMZFX, traders return up to 100% of a part of the spread that a broker compensates for each concluded trade transaction, regardless of its profitability. Thus, traders have the opportunity to earn extra money by covering the expenses through a broker due to the rebate service offered by the GMZFX.
Cooperating with the Association on forex market is profitable and safe:

Amount paid to our clients: Over $5,000,000
High rebate definition: up to 100% of payments for each closed transaction
The most recent market analytics from the leading analysts of the GMZFX
Partner program with favorable terms
Daily contests for traders
Over 200,000 participants
Direct withdrawal of funds to trading accounts
Reliable brokerage companies as partners for cooperation
Free legal advice
Competent support service
Reliable compensation fund

The GMZFX cooperates only with the trusted trading partners who are represented in the brokers rating. This rating is based on the traders reviews. The Association also allows you to earn extra money by taking part in contests for traders. Such participation does not require any investment of personal funds. Trading at contests is carried out on the demo accounts, and the winners earn real cash prizes. In addition, you can increase the volume of your capital with the Association with the help of the Partner Program that allows obtaining rewards for the traders you have attracted. If a brokerage company fails to meet its trading obligations, the GMZFX trader can count on free legal assistance. In addition, the GMZFX has a large compensation fund which was established to compensate the traders for financial damage inflicted by the unscrupulous participants in the foreign exchange market. The tax rebate service of the GMZFX makes your future profitable and stable in the Forex market!
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Compare Brokers
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