Sunday, January 18th, 2015


Imran Khan Speeching To PTI Convention Islamabad – 18th January 2015

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We are going to different in KPK and we will make it different to Punjab and Sindh . lets watch imran khan what he says………..   Must watch

Bharat on Tonga Due to Petrol short

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One of the amazing Wedding  ceremony in modern life there is no petrol for vehicle  in pakistan ……..   Must watch

Imran khan address Dharna Conventional

Imran khan address Dharna Conventional,

Shah Mehmood Qureshi Speeching on PTI Convention – 18th January 2015

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  Shah mehmood during the speech…………… Must watch

Dr Aamir Liaquat Hussain New Controversial Interview on Social media

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Must watch this.

Shahbaz Sharif is supporter of Taliban

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Shahbaz Sharif also promote the terrorist and many time he says PMLN and Taliban  have same aim lets know about it……….   Must watch  

polio campaign is essential for Paksitan

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Pakistan has recently reported a news case of polia in 2015. but officials are keeping their fingers crossed nonetheless. last year Taliban have banned the polio vaccine in their under control area many health worker policemen guarding and staff they killed . It was one of the main reasons that in 2014 the country broke into parts its own dubious record of reporting the highest number of cases in a single year for more than a decade – 303, as compared to the last  high of 199 in 2000. InRead More

Shokat khanum peshawar Got 65 crore just in 3 hours

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That is great victory for Pakistan and its nation Imran khan planned to make an other shokat khanam at Peshawar and Shokat khanum peshawar Got 65 crore just in 3 hours it made a record in pakistan lets watch how he got it…………..   Must watch

How Much Spent on Dharna made Pervez Ilahi Speechless

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Pervez Ilahi former Cm  stunned on a question ………   Must watch

Why Aamir khan Made PK Movie

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2 years before Aamir khan met the Molana Tariq jamil and he became his follower why he made film PK lets know what is behind PK moive…………   Must watch