Enough to send financial aid to Pakistanis trapped in China

Pakistanis trapped in China

Parents of Pakistani students trapped in China took a position in court: if the government cannot return the children, send us there. Atharmanullah, in which also appeared the Deputy Attorney General and DG of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs. The representative of the Foreign Ministry told the court that the decision of the Cabinet of Ministers to expel Pakistanis from China will be considered in the cabinet.

The applicant said that the court requested a report on the progress of the decision of the Cabinet of Ministers, but did not respond. The deputy attorney general told the court that the cabinet was dealing with this issue. The parents of the children asked the court to respond to our patience, to give this court an order to return our children or take them to China. To be shipped.

The President of the Supreme Court noted that this is not only a problem in Pakistan, but that this court should give instructions to everyone affects everyone. This court cannot interfere in political issues, but we are looking for an answer to politics.

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