Alex Hales Confirms Isolation and Symptoms of Coronavirus

Alex Hales Confirms Isolation and Symptoms of Coronavirus

English cricketer Alex Hales confirmed Tuesday that he was a man who developed coronavirus symptoms after returning from Pakistan. Previously, the Pakistan Super League was suspended due to this development of events, but the Pakistan Cricket Council only confirmed that the foreign player had symptoms of the virus, but did not take his name.

However, the video from cricket commentator Ramiz Raji went viral showing that Hales, who played for the Karachi kings, developed coronavirus symptoms and that the entire media team was screened for viruses. The rumors peaked later, suggesting that Hales tested positive for coronavirus. However, Hales, in response to that tweet, called it fake news and said spreading false rumors was dangerous.

A few hours later, Hales released a statement confirming that he was in isolation after developing fever and virus-like symptoms. Hales said: “In light of the speculation and rumors currently circulating in the world of cricket and social media, I felt I had to give a full explanation of my situation.

“Like many other players abroad, I was reluctant to leave the Pakistan Super League, because when COVID-19 reached the state of global pandemic, I thought it was more important to be with my family. instead of facing a lockout thousands of miles from my home. I returned to the UK early Saturday morning, feeling completely healthy and without any symptoms of the virus.

However, I woke up early on Sunday morning after my temperature rose and I followed the government’s self-insulating advice, which I still follow after I started having a persistent dry cough. “At the moment, it was impossible to get tested, although I hope this can happen later today, in order to get a full confirmation of my current state of health.

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