Federal Government Postpones all Exams until June 1

Federal Government Postpones all Exams until June 1

Federal Education Minister Shafkat Mahmoud confirmed and confirmed that all exams were postponed until June 1 for the safety of the students. At a press conference in Islamabad on Wednesday, the federal minister said the government will continue to analyze the situation and make the necessary decisions to protect children. Let me reiterate that the decision to postpone all exams until June 1 was made because child safety is of utmost importance to Prime Minister Imran Khan and the PTI government, he said. Decisions were made after the coronavirus pandemic as the number of patients in Pakistan increased to 245, according to the latest data from the Ministry of Health website. The Minister shared the decisions made at the high-level meeting of the Ministry to determine the future course of action regarding educational institutions and related issues. All decisions are made in coordination with all provinces and given the fact that students need enough time to prepare for exams, the minister said. Shafkat Mehmud said the following decisions were made: 1. The 29 exam boards across Pakistan will not take all exams until June 1.

2. All religious seminaries across the country will also postpone all kinds of testing. Man,

3. March 27. Education The Ministerial Conference will determine the next steps to open the schools.

4. The Higher Education Commission forms 3 committees, which include the Technical Support Committee, the Content Committee and the Preventive Measures Committee.

5. All foreign exam systems, including the Cambridge exam system and the International Bachelor’s (French) exams, will also be rescheduled for June 1. He confirmed that all foreign examinations should be in accordance with the decision made by Pakistan. We ask Cambridge to reschedule the exams in June and July instead of passing them in a new cycle beginning in October.

6. All universities have a complete ban on new admission for one month.

7. The federal government has proposed the release of shelters, but this will not apply to international students.

8. Faculty: It is not necessary to call teachers to educational institutions, but if an educational institution is needed, they can call them.

9. We are working on alternative learning methods, including online, and we use various spaces on the PTV and 3 channels of the Virtual University to transmit content according to the needs of the students.

10. All educational institutions are closed until April 5.

11. Lok Veers and the National Arts Council of Pakistan cancel all cultural events.

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