PIA Issues a Corona Alert to International Passengers

PIA Issues a Warning to International Passengers

Pakistan International Airlines (PIA) issued a warning to COVID-19 on Wednesday, stating that all international passengers traveling to Pakistan must present a copy of the test results for COVID-19 before boarding the flight since midnight on 20 of March. The PIA stated that the test report must be submitted by RT-PCR within 24 hours before boarding the flight. The test result must include a name; Passport number, the original test result will be required at the landing airport in Pakistan. “The PIA will comply with these mandatory requirements, so no passenger will be allowed to board without the test results, and the RT-PCR test requirements will take effect at the end of March 20, 23 hours 59 minutes,” said the statement. These steps are being taken to combat the spread of the new coronavirus in Pakistan.

NEGATIVE TO CHANGE RESERVATION RESERVATIONS The PIA stated that because travel plans are changing due to the current global situation, the change in reservation fees for all international travel to / from Pakistan has been canceled and passengers are now they can change trains calmly and without paying fines.

This cancellation policy applies to changes in reservations, refunds, and no show. · Travel period valid from March 16, 2020, to April 5, 2020. · Any difference in fees or taxes resulting from a change in the reservation will continue to apply.

If a partially used ticket expires, it can be extended up to one year from the start date of the trip. Additional service charges may apply. FLIGHT UPDATES The situation with the new coronavirus outbreak remains dynamic, and our flight schedules may change as soon as possible to comply with travel restrictions established by governments or regulatory authorities in other countries, or our operational requirements.

PIA said it continues to work closely with authorities and is committed to providing our affected passengers with up-to-date information as soon as possible. Flights were suspended on the following routes:

· Kingdom of Saudi Arabia from March 15, 2020 for two weeks ·

Denmark (Copenhagen). from March 14, 2020.

· Only Danish citizens can enter the country.

The change rejection fee applies to passengers with a visa.

Kuwait (Kuwait City): from March 13, 2020, until further notice. · Italy (Milan): from March 10 to further notice. · Qatar (Doha): from March 9 until further notice. China and Japan: flights are suspended until March 31, 2020.

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