The Number of Russian’s Virus Increased from 33 to 147 in One Night

The Number of Russian's Virus Increased from 33 to 147 in One Night

In Russia on Wednesday it was announced that the number of coronavirus cases had risen by almost 29 percent per night to 147, despite the Kremlin imposing strict control on the movement and saying the situation was under control.

According to the Russian State Health Service, the number of cases increased from 33 to 147. 31 of them tested positive in Moscow after a recent arrival from European countries, including France, Italy, Spain and Germany. Two other new cases were in Siberia. Russia is proud of the relatively small number of infected and undead, and President Vladimir Putin said Tuesday that “the general situation is under control.”

It is unclear how long it takes to get tested in Russia. In Moscow affairs there were people who came to Russia more than a week ago, before the latest measures took effect. Strict measures to stop the widespread spread of the virus include a ban on the entry of foreigners, which went into effect on Wednesday and is valid until May 1, as well as the suspension of cultural and sporting events.

On Tuesday, the government said it was seeking to increase the number of people examined since the pandemic by more than 120,000 tests.

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