“I was in Love with Iman Ali Until I met her,” says Fahad Mustafa

“I was in love with Iman Ali Until I met her,” says Fahad Mustafa

KARACHI: Pakistani television presenter Fahad Mustafa, one of the most diverse actors in our entertainment industry. He is known for his incredible acting skills and dramas in Urdu. It gained immense popularity thanks to the most popular game show Jeeto Pakistan.

The Load Wedding star recently appeared as a guest on the Munshi Show. During the round of rapid fire, Fahad Mustafa was asked about his past life. Had you met someone before marriage, to which you laughed and said “YES!” We all wonder who she was?

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Then he was asked about his passion for the television industry. Mustafa thought for a second and said to Vanese Ali. He is still deeply in love with her. Mustafa told the owner that he was in love with Iman Ali before meeting her. After meeting Iman Ali, his opinion changed. It was like I’m sorry!

Up front, Fahad Mustafa is busy filming his next movie, which will be released on Eid ul-Fitr.

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