First Pakistani Doctor Dies from Coronavirus

First Pakistani Doctor Dies from Coronavirus

Usama Riaz, a young doctor from Gilgit Baltistan, died on Sunday of a coronavirus, causing four people across the country. Confirming this news, Gilgit Baltistan representative Fayzulla Firak said that Dr. Osama will receive a national hero award.

Dr. Usama led from the front against the coronavirus, According to details, Dr. Usama Riaz, originally from Chilas in Britain’s Diamer district, was taken to the Gilgit district headquarters hospital on Friday night after losing consciousness. Speaking at a press conference in Gilgit on Saturday, office workers from the Pakistan Medical Association (PMA) said that Dr. Osama was the first Pakistani doctor to suffer from coronavirus after dealing with suspected patients.

“Dr. Usama should be declared a national hero for his courage in the fight against the coronavirus,” they said. They blamed the lack of funds and the government’s negligence regarding Dr. Osama’s condition and emphasized that he could have been saved if he had received the necessary medical equipment, such as polymerase chain reaction (PCR) kits, specific for coronavirus. In Punjab, up to 70 new coronavirus cases were confirmed and on Sunday 41 in Sindh, bringing the total number of patients in Pakistan to 757.

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