Coronavirus: Between the Wrath of God and Personal Abilities

Coronavirus: Between the Wrath of God and Personal Abilities

Amid all the confusion and uncertainty caused by the new coronavirus, most Pakistanis believe and are certain of one thing: the virus is the wrath of God against the infidels. This is one of many examples that suggest a predominant combination of conspiracy theories in the knowledge of people who find their place in the minds of the majority in Pakistan.

If you don’t believe me, go out and ask people about their opinions. Most of them will say that the coronavirus originated in China, as it persecuted the Muslim minority. Currently, the Chinese authorities claim that there are around a million Uighur Muslims in China who insist that the detainees are “re-educated”, the Chinese term for persecution.

Then another excuse for the deadly virus comes from elsewhere: “You see, Muslims in Kashmir have been detained by Indians for the past seven months. Now, now God has restricted the entire world as a punishment. “For most, it is somewhere between an allusion and an accusation against a global appeal against the Muslim Ummah. However, is it not important to know why we associate all of our suffering with our gain or self-pity?


The answer is due in part to the past. Throughout history, man has linked everything he could not control with a higher power. Attitude partly reflects individual powerlessness to deal with the situation, and partly a way to justify ignorance.

It was also the human psyche, because, throughout history, a general lack of knowledge concealed scientific explanations. In this sense, the human tendency to give an explanation of the case when the cause cannot find its justification. Coronavirus is no exception!


Supporting the argument, we can say that the conspiracy theory is the product of pure ignorance, disinformation, social disorder, and political chaos. Unfortunately, Pakistan meets most, if not all, of these conditions! But conspiracy theory is not just a disease, and it is a sign of a society that repeats ignorance and disinformation only to multiply them.

This vicious circle is just snowballed, as it moves at certain points in time, like these, and reproduces uncertainties. In this case, conspiracy theories about the coronavirus pandemic serve as a tool for opportunists who know how to turn a crisis into an opportunity. In the most turbulent times, which are most favorable to their conquests, they begin to make profits using individual fears and collective ignorance. For example, in India, there is a businessman who recently sold anti-virus mattresses. He claimed that the mattress made by his company would keep the coronavirus at bay.

Similarly, in Pakistan, there are cases where some quacks claim to have found a “guaranteed cure” for the coronavirus, the treatment of which has not yet been found by all the brilliant minds in the world. This is the dilemma of our societies, which find opportunities in these uncertain times when people’s fears are used in their personal interests.

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