Maria B Thanks the Prime Minister And Army after the Release of her Husband

Maria B Thanks the Prime Minister and Army after the Release of her Husband

Fashion designer Maria Butte, commonly known as Maria B., presented another video to clarify disagreements about her video, distributed on various social media in connection with the arrest of her husband. Tahir Said in connection with an alleged coronavirus case. He thanked Prime Minister Imran Khan and the Pakistani army in the video for interfering with the case.

“I didn’t think anyone would understand my suffering,” he said. 9 / Her husband Tahir later explained that the Punjab police had unfairly persecuted the family for lack of their own information. He said the police were at his house, making noise and trying to break up. The couple explained that they were not complaining about how they were being treated, because “they had no illusions about what the country’s police were like,” and they discussed in depth how the entire incident happened due to a misunderstanding among government officials.

They said they had taken all the protective measures and assured their chef that he had to strictly follow quarantine instructions after a lot of families thought about whether they should send him home or not. “What else should we have done? Servants are not slaves. We also have children at home.

“We made the best decision we could after the authorities were unable to cope with the situation and left us no choice, leaving us in the dark.” The designer also submitted a test report on Tahir, in which he claimed he did not have a coronavirus and said that his entire family had a negative result.

Punjab police had dismissed the charges brought by Maria B. and filed a case against her husband for sending their chef, who tested positive for coronavirus, to her home village without notifying authorities. The FIR was also registered against the husband of Maria B. Tahir Said for concealing the case.

According to the FIR, which does not name María B, although she knew that the employee had a positive result for the virus, Said did not inform authorities and did not take him to the hospital for treatment. Instead, the employee was sent to his hometown by bus. Meanwhile, in a video posted on social media to Prime Minister Imran Khan, Maria B. said her home was ransacked by police officers “as if I were the largest drug-trafficking donor in Lahore with weapons.”

She said her husband was taken away, and she was told that the first information report (EPI) was filed against her. She said FIR was registered in the absence of an attorney, and that the police stepped in at 12:30. “They did it in the middle of the night. Why and how rude they were to us.

They did not listen, they continued to tell me that you are guilty. Why “We are the ones who suffer. We are those whose tests go, at any time positive. My whole family, and we are the criminals who should be arrested, boys, right? Is this the system we have in Punjab?

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