Punjab Chief Secretary Orders Cargo to Move Freely

Punjab Chief Secretary Orders Cargo to Move Freely

Punjab chief secretary Azam Suleman Khan said civilian and military personnel are on the same page in the fight against the coronavirus. “Joint efforts are needed to deal with such emergencies,” he said at a meeting on Tuesday.

Justice Minister Raja Basharat, IGP Shoaib Dastgir and senior officials also joined. The Chief Secretary instructed the relevant officials to ensure the smooth flow of good transportation to ensure the availability of public services. He asked a member of the Revenue Council to ensure the availability of sensitizers, handwashing soap, masks, and gloves in the lower courts.

He said employees, especially media representatives, should be allowed to work after the necessary verification, and no one should be subjected to “harassment” at checkpoints. The chief secretary instructed department commissioners to provide food baskets to poor families in the event that their bras were quarantined, and the help of clients would also be necessary for this purpose.

The government approved an emergency plan and the means to address this problem, he said, adding that the modernization of three of the eight laboratories will begin next week.

Division commissioners informed the meeting via video link that the local administration, supported by military personnel, had stepped up the fight against the coronavirus. The meeting was informed of data collection on people who have a history of traveling abroad, while the services of local leaders were purchased for follow-up, location, and treatment (TTT).

Justice Minister Raja Basharat said he praised doctors for their role in the war on viruses. He said that supplies of personal protective equipment for hospitals will begin today. It also ensured full cooperation on behalf of KM. IGP Shoaib Dastgir ordered regional police to enforce section 144 in the province.

The Department of Public Health was reported to have prepared a disinfectant and began marketing it. At the meeting, it was said that during the dispersal of the accumulation in Sargodha, 150 bags of wheat were discovered.

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