Gujranwala SHO Distributes His Entire Salary Among Daily Wages

Gujranwala SHO Distributes His Entire Salary Among Daily Wagers

Although the police in Pakistan in general and the Punjab police, in particular, are not known for their gentle approach or attitude, there are always some exceptions. The last example is the Gujranwala SHO [station manager], who distributed all his wages to the workers.

The incident drew attention, as his video became popular on social media, where you can see how he distributed the money to workers. SHO’s Popular Colony, Adnan Ejaz, distributed the money among those who earn in daily profits, which is generally known as daily rates.

While dozens of them were waiting for people on the side of the road so they could be hired, the police asked to leave and return to their homes due to the ban introduced in the province.

But they refused, stating that they had nothing to eat in their homes. However, SHO sent its driver money for distribution to people. Adnan says that after this the workers left home, adding that after this act he felt sincere satisfaction.

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