Punjab Government Sends 600 People Home After Quarantine Period Ends

Punjab Government Sends 600 People Home After Quarantine Period Ends

Punjab Prime Minister Sardar Usman Buzdar said on Wednesday that some 600 people in the De Qazi Khan quarantine center were sent home after they failed the coronavirus test.

Speaking at a press conference, Buzdair said: “I am giving you good news. Six hundred people have tested negative for coronavirus at the Dera Ghazi Khan quarantine center, and they will be sent back to their homes. “He said the provincial government approved a quota of special benefits for doctors, health care providers and nurses, all Health care providers who are at the forefront of the fight against coronavirus.

These workers will receive an amount equal to their salary, “Buzdar said. The Chief Minister said the Punjab Health Department was instructed to improve its laboratory facilities and ensure they are fully equipped with personal protective equipment. “The Crown Law (introduced the day before) will also take effect soon,” he added.

The prime minister said a 100-bed facility is being established in the camp prison from Lahore, and that a prisoner exam has already started. Talking about the prisoners who are Currently there, Buzdar said the health department is moving the report, after which nearly 3,500 prisoners will be released. “I urge people to maintain social distance and help people around them,” Buzdar concluded.

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