LHC Reprimands Center For Slow Response to Coronavirus

LHC Reprimands Center For Slow Response to Coronavirus

The Lahore High Court heard a case about government preventive measures to combat the spread of the coronavirus. In seeking complete information on visitors arriving in Pakistan, the court rebuked the authorities why the verification process did not start from day one.

A five-member panel of judges chaired by Chief Justice Lahore heard the case in the presence of Attorney General Ishtiaq A Khan, Acting Attorney General Shan Gul, Deputy Attorney General Assad Ali Badzhva and several other officials charged with enforcing the law.

In addition, the secretary for primary health care, Muhammad Usman, the secretary for specialized medical care Nabil Avan, the High Court lawyer Tahir Nasrullah Warreich, the inspector general of the Mirza Shahid Baig prison, attended the court.

The federal government has submitted to the court details of how Pakistanis abroad recently visited the country. “951,365 Pakistanis visited different countries,” said the attorney general in court, adding that “currently, about 317 pilgrims, 210 students and 500 people from Iran want to return to Pakistan.”

“In addition, there are 17,000 more students in Iran who do not want to return,” said a lawyer for the federal government. “The federal government has announced a package of Rp 240 billion over the next four months,” said an additional Daily Wages prosecutor.

The acting attorney general filed with the court a report on the distribution of money for daily rates and rations. It also presented a report on the assistance of the provincial governments in this regard. Acting AG said: “A letter was sent to the federal government proposing the early withdrawal of sunset one month before the normal time.

In addition, “up to 24,000 food packages were distributed among the victims, and we determined the daily rates of those affected and those who deserve at this critical moment.” The provisional AG further stated that the health department received an aid package of Rs 11 billion.

However, the High Court ordered the government to guarantee an uninterrupted flow of traffic to and from the fruit and vegetable markets, adding that “food markets must remain open.” The court also ordered authorities to provide the ration to those in need and instructed the government to pay special benefits to doctors, nurses, and medical personnel.

“The entire nation must pay tribute to medical personnel,” the court said. In addition, the LHC CJ issued a series of instructions, including spraying pesticides around quarantine centers and the continuous flow of the food chain, which “must never stop,” said the chief judge. “Local authorities must follow the Chinese model,” said Judge Ayesha A. Malik.

The primary health minister said the person is isolated as soon as they have a positive coronavirus test. However, if someone is not satisfied with the quarantine center, he or she can seek private help, said the US Secretary of Health. USA, Nabiel Avan.

“Even educated people who are infected and isolated insist on being reunited with their families,” said Nabil Avan. Former Mayor Lord Mubashir Javed was also present at the Lahore Supreme Court and said he has “3,700 elected representatives (on a voluntary basis).” The court told him that he could carry out this work individually and that he should contact the government to offer his services. CJ LHC noted that each family should give their employees additional money in addition to their monthly salary.

The court also expressed concern over the news of the wheat shortage and ordered the authorities not to do so. “All SHOs should examine their respective areas to ensure that no one is storing food,” the court said and instructed DC to control the wheat crisis as a priority.

The Health Minister said that not everyone is tested for coronavirus and that “only those suspected of contracting this disease are verified.” The coordinating secretary told the court that the government is doing everything possible to ensure that price controls are regulated, and “we are also in contact with other provinces to control prices.

” LHC CJ asked authorities how many incoming visitors were scanned? “The outbreak spread from Europe. Aren’t you required to start the verification process from day one? “The Attorney General said of this:” We started the verification process as soon as the coronavirus spread to China.

“Apparently, the federal government has not provided complete information. “The large bank expressed dissatisfaction with the federal response. Temporal AG Presented the prisoners’ data to the cor

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