7180 People are Currently in Quarantine Centers: Dr. Zafar Mirza

7180 People are Currently in Quarantine Centers: Dr. Zafar Mirza

The number of confirmed coronavirus cases in Pakistan has reached 1408, including most cases in Punjab with 490 cases, followed by Sind with 457, CPC 180, Baluchistan 133, Gilgit Baltistan 107 and Islamabad with 39 cases.

At a press conference, the Special Assistant to the Prime Minister of Health, Dr. Zafar Mirza, the President of the NDMA, Lieutenant Afzal, and the Assistant to the Prime Minister of National Security, Dr. Moid Yusaf, spoke about the daily situation of Pakistan’s efforts to combat a pandemic Zafar Mirza said there are currently 7,180 people in quarantine centers, adding that 173 more cases have been reported in the past 24 hours.

“We have already suggested under what conditions people should have a coronary test,” Mirza said, adding that PCR is the most reliable test in the world to assess infection. “Up to 725 people are receiving coronavirus treatment at various hospitals in the country,” said Dr. Mirza, adding that “four types of people have priority for testing for the virus, and we will test according to this priority.

” Zafar Mirza said: “The first type refers to those who have respiratory problems and who have recently arrived from one of the countries affected by the virus. Then there are the elderly who have suffered from ancient diseases. We will also give priority to evaluating our staff doctor, including doctors who showed some symptoms of the infection, and we will also look at patients who were admitted to the hospital on suspicion of infection.

” Dr. Mirza said that while there is a growing awareness among people about the virus, panic shouldn’t be ex to prove. He said it is not possible for the government. “If everyone in Pakistan wants to be tested for coronavirus; sorry, we don’t have the means or the opportunity to do this.”

He regretted that people are looking for sources to take the crown test and add that “it is not only unnecessary but also unfair to those who may be victims of the virus.” The president of the National Disaster Management Agency (NDMA), Lt. Gen. Muhammad Afzal, also provided front-line medical staff physical defenses against the spread of the coronavirus.

At a press conference, the NDMA President said: “Today, another 30,000 test kits have been transported to Karachi by cargo. Tonight another plane will arrive with 15 fans, among other medical teams. “He said that another plane with drugs will land in Islamabad, adding that this special package will meet the needs for four weeks.

” We want to increase the number of laboratories by 40-50. ” Lt. Afzal said, adding that “the number of laboratories in Islamabad will increase overnight, and we are already modernizing the laboratory in Dera Ismail Khan.” The Special Assistant to the Prime Minister for National Security, Dr. Moid Yusuf, also reported to the media about Pakistan’s decision to extend the closure of its east and west borders for another 14 days, including the Kartarpur corridor.

“We will gradually open airspace so that no one imports the virus from abroad,” Moeed said, adding that the empty planes could leave Pakistan. He also briefed Pakistan on efforts to return the stranded Pakistanis abroad and said q That a special Thai plane would land with Pakistanis stranded in Bangkok tonight due to flight closings.

“Despite the fact that we have provided stricter inspection measures at seaports, their businesses will be able to continue their activities as usual,” said Moeed.

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