Pak Army Takes lead in Fight Against Coronavirus

Pak Army Takes lead in Fight Against Coronavirus

Pakistani Army forces deployed across the country to assist civil authorities pursuant to Article 245 assist federal and provincial administrations in implementing COVID-19 containment measures with a focus on public safety. All points of entry (POEs) are monitored and controlled, the establishment of joint control points and patrols with other law enforcement agencies (LEAs) is carried out efficiently.

Pak Army conducts contact tracking, tracking to identify and isolate suspects to ensure containment of COVID-19. Army forces also assist in the management of 182 established quarantine facilities across the country. Details of the deployment of troops are given below:

Aj & k

Army forces assist the civil administration in implementing measures in various parts of AJ and K, including Kotli, Bhimber, Mirpur, Barnala, Muzaffarabad, Bagh, Kel, and Rawalakot.


Troops are deployed to nine districts in remote areas, including Avaran, Dukki, Chaga, Lasbel, Kalat, Naushki, Khuzdar, Sibby, and Gavadar. The Chaman border is closed to all types of vehicles without traffic. Army troops, doctors and paramedics who help the civil administration to manage the Taftan quarantine facilities. An additional container quarantine station for 600 people is being created in Taftan. Tent-based quarantine complex with 805 tents with corresponding facilities in accordance with best practices established in Chaman. An army field medical battalion with medical specialists and paramedics was stationed in Chaman to manage the quarantine facility, a 300-person container quarantine center, established in Kill Fayzu Villaman, Chaman.


Army troops were deployed in the 10 districts and remote areas to help the civil administration carry out coercive measures, verify and verify the measures taken by GB. On March 27, Pakistani army helicopters made special flights over the Khujrab Pass to transport and distribute medical equipment received from China, including 5 ventilators, 2,000 test kits, 2,000 medical suits, 2,000 N95 masks, and 0.2 million face masks.


Joint control points are carried out at the entry / exit points, joint patrols are carried out with the police and the isolation of the alleged settlements.


Troops deployed in 26 districts. In Drazinda, 4 border terminals and an inter-provincial border are maintained and operated. Army forces assist the civil administration in managing the quarantine camps at Drazind, Gomal University, D.I. Khan, graduate school, feldesher institute in Peshawar. A quarantine facility for 1,500 people is being created in Lundi Kotal and Jamrud. Army forces and law enforcement agencies isolate 10 residential areas with confirmed cases in Peshawar, Mardan, Charsada and Banner. More than 4,000 suspected cases are tracked and tracked, being isolated to contain the spread of COVID-19.


Army troops were deployed in 34 provincial districts. Joint control points have been established at entry/exit points that patrol with the police to ensure compliance with the measures adopted by the provincial government. Troops assisting the civil administration in the management of the DG Khan, Multan, Faisalabad, and Lahore Expo Center quarantine/isolation centers. A disinfection campaign is being carried out in various public places, including the airport, railway platforms, and other similar public places.


The troops are deployed in 29 districts of Sindh. Pakistani Sind Rangers, along with the police, are deployed at all entry/exit points. Army / Pakistan Rangers and police patrols to enforce measures taken to deter COVID-19 by the provincial government. Troops helping the civil administration to manage the quarantine facilities at the Sukkur and Karachi Exhibition Center.

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