ARY Channel CEO Salman Iqbal donated 20,000 COVID19 Test Kits

ARY Channel CEO Salman Iqbal donated 20,000 COVID19 Test Kits

Salman Iqbal, President and CEO of ARY Digital Network, has announced the donation of 20,000 Corona test kits.


ARY Digital Network launches a fundraising campaign to meet the needs of emergency teams, diagnostic procedures, and the support of physicians fighting chronic diseases.


Speaking about this during a special broadcast, ARY Network President and CEO Salman Iqbal said crown test kits were needed. I ordered 5000 sets to test the crown.


He saluted front-line heroes against the Crown and said that doctors and paramedics are our front-line heroes. We must first provide all medical services to physicians.


Salman Iqbal said that the coronavirus is spreading very rapidly. Everyone should sit in the houses to avoid the spread of the crown. We must fight the epidemic in this situation. Anyone who wants to help should take action with the government. The government is taking steps at its level to cope.


He said that we must go step by step to face the Crown. The global organization Memon was looking for Corona test kits from different countries because it is important to check how much the virus has spread in our country and region.


Salman Iqbal said efforts are being made to provide people with mobile test kits. People will not need to travel in mobile test suites and send a report to people within 15-20 minutes.


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