Coronavirus: Pakistani Dress Designer Developed a Special Outfit

Coronavirus: Pakistani Dress Designer Developed a Special Outfit

Although various measures are being taken around the world to protect the coronavirus, the Pakistani clothing designer has also developed special Outfit.


According to the details, the famous clothing designer Asim Jofa created a special dress to protect against the coronavirus. The designer says the gown is designed to protect doctors.


He said that manufactured clothing is excellent for protecting doctors. Our team worked diligently on your preparation. We designed these garments as part of a mission to protect doctors and other medical personnel at the forefront.


Asim Jofa says I cannot say how successful we will be in this mission, but I spoke to my team. So that we can carry it forward.


He said we want to give clothes away to doctors who treat patients with coronavirus. Today, the first sample was successfully prepared. Tomorrow a second sample will be prepared to take into account all safety principles in clothing manufacturing.


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