Prime Minister Imran Khan Announces Plan to Fight Against Coronavirus

Prime Minister Imran Khan Announces Plan to Fight Against Coronavirus

A meeting of the Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI) Main Committee, chaired by Prime Minister Imran Khan, decided to open all highways, including expressways.

The meeting held consultations on the short and long-term policy of fighting coronavirus, and it was decided to open the country’s roads and restore freight train transport. On this occasion, Prime Minister Imran Khan said he believes the people recovered. The government will focus on the poor and ignorant.

On Monday (today), it was decided to announce a package of measures to provide assistance to the construction sector, while the Main Committee proposed to get the construction industry up and running by providing assistance. This would lead to the launch of 40 industries, including job creation.

The Prime Minister was instructed to launch additional trucks immediately, but passenger trains will now be closed. According to sources, the Prime Minister ordered that the railways be used to transport wheat and other goods, and that rail freight vehicles be continued.

The meeting also considered the topic of a special package for the Pakistani railways, and the topic of a special financial package for the railways will be presented to the Economic Coordination Committee on Monday.

The Main Committee decided to delegate special tasks to PTI members across the country, while the Prime Minister entrusted the formation of the Tiger Forces to the members of the Main Committee.


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