Bahria City advances Pakistan’s Fight Against Coronavirus

Bahria City advances Pakistan's Fight Against Coronavirus

RAWALPINDI – The Bahria City Group has joined state authorities in fighting the new coronavirus, officially known as COVID-19, which was declared a pandemic outbreak earlier this month.

On Tuesday, teams from the city of Bahria, in collaboration with the National Disaster Management Agency (NDMA) and the Provincial Office for Disaster Management, sprayed street disinfectant on the houses in Kot Khatyal, the most sensitive area of Islamabad Bhara Kahu.

In accordance with the protection measures defined by the World Health Organization (WHO), the city of Bahria uses imported multi-function dust suppression dump trucks, which are the most advanced and most effective technology in the disinfection process.

With the help of these trucks, a chlorine solution is sprayed daily in the residential and public areas of Bahria Karachi.

In addition, international hospitals in Bahria provide medical personnel and the public with all kinds of services for care and protection against coronavirus. Similarly, a rehabilitation process according to international standards continues in Bahria, Lahore, Islamabad and Rawalpindi.

While the city of Bahria encourages people to stay indoors, its leadership drew a mark on the floor to help its residents maintain social distance in public places like supermarkets and elevators.

In addition to public spaces, offices in Bahria are being disinfected to ensure the health of workers in Bahria.

Meanwhile, the Bahria city administration distributed a ration in Islamabad and Karachi. Bahria Dastarkhan also serves people and distributes food packages twice a day, preventing people from getting together, minimizing the possibility of transmission of the virus.

Malik Riaz Hussein, Chairman of the Bahria City Group, says “the safety of our people is our priority.”

In a series of tweets, Malik said: “The city of Bahria has faced many retaliatory attacks in the past year, which weakened not only the organization’s financial stability, but also had a serious impact on its charitable ventures. However, during such a severe pandemic crisis. ”

He added that the city of Bahria “will not leave any stone unturned to meet the expectations of Pakistan’s vulnerable populations.”

Having promised to continue his efforts to help all those in need on our social security platforms, Malik also prayed to the Almighty to take pity on humanity and give Pakistanis all the strength to survive this disaster together.

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