Provincial Minister Saeed Ghani Recovered From Coronavirus

Provincial Minister Saeed Ghani Recovered From Coronavirus

The education report from Coronavirus education minister Said Gani turned out to be negative.

According to details, the Provincial Minister of Education, Sind Said Ghani, said in a video message on Twitter that my report on the Coronavirus test was negative. Thank you to those who prayed and encouraged me.

Ghani said that efforts will be made to better fulfill their responsibilities in the future. It should be remembered that on March 23, the test of the Minister of Education, Said Gani Coronavirus, was positive after it was isolated.

The provincial minister said that those who visited me should also remain isolated, and citizens should remain in their homes.

It should be recalled that Sinda Prime Minister Murad Ali Shah said that the number of coronavirus cases increased to 535 in Sindh, and that there are 205 cases of local corona transmission.

According to him, 195 people are alone at home, travel public distances and live according to the principles of health.


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