The Number of Coronavirus Cases in Pakistan Increased Until 1865

The Number of Coronavirus Cases in Pakistan Increased Until 1865

ISLAMABAD The number of confirmed cases of coronavirus infection in the country reached 1865.

According to media reports, this includes 652 cases in Punjab, 627 in Sindh, 221 in Khyber Pakhtunkhwa, 153 in Baluchistan, 58 in Islamabad, 148 in Gilgit, Baltistan and six cases in Azad Kashmir.

To date, 25 deaths from the disease have been reported, while 58 patients have recovered.

12 patients were in critical condition.

On Monday morning, Prime Minister Imran Khan asked people to join together to succeed in the fight against the coronavirus.

In his speech to the nation, the Prime Minister said that the world is fighting coronavirus according to its capabilities. He said the only country that continues to succeed in this fight is China, which closed 20 million people to overcome the deadly error.

Khan said that if Pakistan had the same situation as China, it could have closed entire cities. However, he added, twenty-five percent of our population lives below the poverty line, and another twenty percent is on the border.

Imran Khan said that no blockade can be successful if people become unemployed and have nothing to eat. He said the coronavirus does not distinguish between rich and poor, and everyone will have to play a role in its success.

Khan then announced the creation of the “Tiger Force Crown Relief,” which will work in collaboration with the civil administration and the military to curb the spread of the crown virus. He said that a camera was operating 24 hours in the Prime Minister’s office, which was closely monitoring the situation.

According to him, in a week the situation will become clear regarding the spread of the virus. The prime minister said Tiger Force volunteers will help deliver food in closed areas, as well as disseminating information to the public.

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