COVID-19: Pakistan Decides to Create 12 More Test Laboratories

COVID-19: Pakistan Decides to Create 12 More Test Laboratories

ISLAMABAD Very soon, Pakistan decided to establish an additional 12 coronavirus testing laboratories to meet the growing need to test for suspected cases, as the number of patients with coronavirus disease has grown across the country.

At a meeting chaired by Prime Minister Imran Khan in Islamabad, the chairman of the National Disaster Management Board, Lt. Gen. Muhammad Afzal, said that 20 coronavirus testing laboratories were fully operational, while another 12 would be established in brief.

The meeting was informed that the first batch of 57,000 sets had been imported from China, and then another 30,000, and another 192,000 would be shipped to Pakistan today.

Coronavirus monitoring, equipment diagnosis and continuity of the production process in the current situation were also considered at a meeting in which it was decided that beds and rooms for patients with coronavirus infection should be allocated to the private sector, administered by hospitals.

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