Malala Cuts Her Hair and Jonathan Van Ness Approves

Malala Cuts Her Hair and Jonathan Van Ness Approves

The coronavirus pandemic has affected the lives of almost all people in the world. The Malala Pakistan Nobel Prize, like everyone else in the world, fought against blue quarantine during a serious pandemic outbreak.

The 22-year-old human rights activist surprised her fans with a new look at quarantine.

Turning to Queer Eye stars and famed stylist Jonathan Van Ness, Malala showed her humorous side as she flaunted her new chiseled bangs.

“Jonathan Van Ness:“ Don’t try new cunning during the quarantine.

Watching the unexpected transformation of Malala, she replied to the JVN Fashion podcast: “You killed him, dear!” The Nobel Prize, like any other person, is isolated and would practice in social distance.

Last week, she shares her quarantine photo with her fans, encourages them to practice social distance and directs them to follow WHO guidelines for COVID-19.


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