Corona virus is changing as per local conditions

Corona virus is changing as per local conditions

Dow University of Medical Sciences in Karachi claims that the Corona virus is changing according to local conditions.

Coronary virus studies are underway at Dow University in Karachi under the leadership of Vice-Chancellor Professor Mohammed Said, according to which genetic changes occur according to regional conditions.

According to the Dow University administration, the local coronavirus was analyzed in a study by Dow University, which showed that coronavirus changes differently depending on conditions here.

The research is carried out in the BSL Three Virology laboratory, equipped with the latest university equipment.

It should be recalled that in the past, the famous scientist Dr. Ata-ur-Rehman also spoke about significant progress in the study of the coronavirus in Pakistan.

The intensity of the virus is different from the virus that broke out in China. It is less intense or climate change has affected it.

To date, 30 deaths have been recorded in Pakistan, 2,300 people are still infected with the virus.

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