Coronavirus Cases in USA increasing Day by Day

Coronavirus Cases in USA increasing Day by Day

According to Johns Hopkins University, over 24,000 new cases of Covid-19, the Corona virus, were recorded in the United States in 24 hours, and the total number reached 3,000 67,629, while the number increased to more than 10,000 .

White House medical experts say between 1 and 2,000 to 40,000 deaths can occur in the United States from Covid-19 because the crown causes respiratory illness.

The region most affected by the Corona virus is Europe, where Spain and Italy have the highest number of deaths, but in the last three days the number of new cases has decreased.

So far, one hundred 36 thousand 675 people have been infected with this virus in Spain, and 13 thousand 341 people have been killed.

In Italy, mortality and new cases of the Corona virus continue to decline.

To date, the virus has killed 16,523 people and affected 321,000 people in Italy.

Britain has also been severely affected by the deadly crown virus, where the death toll exceeded 5,000 and the death toll exceeded 51,000.

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