doctHERs and oladoc Join Forces to Fight Covid-19 in Pakistan

Pakistan's leading digital healthcare providers, doctors and scaffolds have teamed up to help Pakistan fight the COVID-19 pandemic.

KARACHI – Pakistan’s leading digital healthcare providers, doctors and scaffolds have teamed up to help Pakistan fight the COVID-19 pandemic. Joining forces, both creative companies now provide free access to specialized digital content focused on COVID-19, online advice and video advice from qualified doctors to protect and inform the masses in this hour of need.

As part of the agreement, patients can consult physicians using one of the most advanced telemedicine skills available in the country. Although they are limited to their homes, people can easily get quality medical advice simply by going to a specially created Facebook group; CoronaVirus: medical advice and health advice.

This digital tool responds instantly to various health needs of the population. Any patient needing extra help is referred to a free video consultation with PMDC-certified physician-managed healthcare professionals.

Less than a week after launch, this online community has already brought together more than 50,000 members, and patients are seeking a diagnosis and evaluation for further treatment. This civil service initiative is supported by many doctors and volunteers who respond to more than 1,500 patient requests every day.

To date, thanks to this association, more than 7 million citizens have already benefited from 5 million views of Corona-based illustrated content on YouTube alone, 100,000 views through direct Facebook sessions, 20,000 queries, among others.

DoctHERS CEO Hakan Sikander said: “doctHERS are pleased to take this ingenious initiative for the well-being of ordinary people, while seeking to ease the burden on advanced physicians and medical staff during the Crown crisis.

We have a special commitment to alleviate the suffering of the poorest and oldest people who are most affected by this global pandemic. Currently, we have changed our strategy to address the fears of Pakistanis who need advice about the coronavirus and who should not leave home. We are grateful to Oladoc for working with our team to serve the people of Pakistan. ”

Oladoc CEO Abid Zuberi said “oladoc has the noble mission of making healthcare accessible to all. We are pleased to be able to serve the masses with a revolutionary digital platform designed to help us defeat this pandemic and help the nation overcome the limitations of our healthcare infrastructure.

Building on the strengths of physicians as our partner, we will provide free clinical medical services in the spirit of humanity.

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