Humayun Saeed Finally Returned Home from Quarantine

Humayun Saeed Finally Returned Home from Quarantine

Like all of us, all the celebrities in the world were instructed to stay home during these special and difficult times.

More and more celebrities are isolating themselves, their quarantined photos being distributed all over the Internet.

The famous actor Humayun Saeed recently shared a post on his Instagram in which he announced that he had returned home.

Star Mery Paas Tum Ho on Saturday posted his photo to Instagram, speaking of his 14-day quarantine period. He said that during this time he thought a lot, after which he thanked God for his unlimited blessings.


The celebrity wrote: “He finally returned home after 14 days of quarantine. I spent a lot of time thinking about life and I realized that I couldn’t thank Allah for his endless blessings! Will Allah do everything possible to help those in need during this difficult time. ”

Another actor and quarantine partner, Adnan Siddiqui, also discussed the same beliefs as Said in his latest video.


He said in his video: “What are you doing? Nothing? Nothing can happen. This is because everything is nothing. You and I, all-powerful people are nothing. I realized this and I feel that if everyone understands this, people will stop being so arrogant. “

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