Coronavirus: Pakistan Railways Bearing a Loss of Rs1 Billion Every Week

Coronavirus: Pakistan Railways Bearing a Loss of Rs1 Billion Every Week

Railways Minister Sheikh Rashid Ahmed said on Wednesday that Pakistan Railways is suffering losses of Rs 1 billion a week due to an outbreak of coronavirus in the country.

At a press conference in the federal capital, the minister said that around 165,000 passengers traveled by train to different parts of the country from Karachi.

Sheikh Rashid said the Pakistan Railways converted all railway stations into quarantine centers and installed special quarantine doors at the stations.

He said the Pakistan Railways will partially restore passenger trains after obtaining permission from Prime Minister Imran Khan if the situation with the coronavirus improves before April 14.

The minister said Pakistan Railways operates 142 passenger trains across the country, and all train operations were suspended after a coronavirus in the country, according to the prime minister’s instructions.

The sheik said Pakistani railways are also focused on the welfare of Kulis and that they will receive a 12,000 rupee aid package by sending their identification to the number indicated by the government.

He said that the Pakistan Railways decided to close their workshop at Mogolpur in Lahore until April 12, when a stranger visited the coronavirus-positive facilities.

He added that Pakistan Railways will pay wages and pensions to its employees on time. He said freight trains operated in the country on time, and that steps would be taken to move through freight trains.

The minister said the maintenance and repair work on all the cars and locomotives was completed during the suspension of train traffic in the district.

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