Pop Singer Salman Ahmed Reveals Details of Coronavirus in USA

Singer Salman Ahmed reveals details of Coronavirus in USA

Salman Ahmed, guitarist and pop singer for pop music band Junoon, says the situation is much worse in the United States due to the Coronavirus.

Speaking to the ARY News program, Eleventh Hour, Salman Ahmed said that such a scene in the United States as the Resurrection took place, the roads here are dead and bodies are found in hospitals.

He revealed that people in the United States are also awaiting the burial of their loved ones. The situation here is much worse. “New York is currently a war zone, which makes it very difficult to test Corona’s diagnosis here,” he said.

Referring to his illness, the singer said he had been suffering from severe headaches and pain in the head and body since last week.

Speaking encouragingly, Salman Ahmed said: “The coronavirus is not only life-threatening. The only caution is necessary. If a test report is positive, you should isolate yourself and eat from your doctor’s prescribed medications. Using lemons and other items. ‘

It should be remembered that two days ago, the report of the Corona test by Salman Ahmed, a guitarist and renowned singer and musician of the Junoon Group, came out positive, which he himself confirmed.

Previously, he said in a message on the social networking site Twitter that “there is bad news and that is what doctors say I have been infected with the Coronavirus.”

In exclusive statements to ARY News, Salman Ahmed said: “My condition is very bad, I have a cough and nausea, and my head is also spinning”

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