CM Usman Buzdar Opens Wheat Harvest in Punjab

CM Usman Buzdar Opens Wheat Harvest in Punjab

On Thursday, Punjab’s chief minister, Sardar Usman Buzdar, officially launched a wheat harvest campaign in the village of Rojan-Tahsil in 2020 and committed to protecting every grain of wheat and the financial interests of farmers.

Buzdar himself ran a combine harvester and then did it in the traditional style, manually harvesting a constant wheat crop after reaching the village of Rojhan Rozhan in Matawah. He also performed Dua for the success of the wheat harvesting campaign and for defeating the COVID-19 virus.

During the ongoing wheat procurement campaign, exactly 4.5 million metric tons of wheat will be purchased, and farmers will receive payments at a rate of 1,400 rupees per package, K.M. said Buzdar, speaking to an elected meeting of officials and farmers after an official inauguration. harvest season.

The event was held against the backdrop of full compliance with social distance and other measures aimed at preventing the emergence of the new coronavirus COVID-19.


The prime minister said that the Girdawri coercion was lifted for the ongoing wheat harvesting campaign and that ministers were assigned areas to oversee the acquisition process.

Buzdar said that fifteen (15) intergovernmental routes are also controlled.

He said that farmers are the backbone of the economy and our benefactors, adding that their interests will be protected at all costs.

He said that projects worth 300 billion rupees are being implemented in Punjab as part of the prime minister’s program for agricultural emergency situations.

Buzdar said a project worth Rs 12.5 billion was launched to increase wheat production per acre.

He said this year 400,000 bags of certified wheat seeds were provided to farmers at a subsidized price and announced an increase in the number of bags of seeds to 1.2 million in the next wheat harvest season, an increase of 200 percent.

He said the scope of the crop insurance program was expanded and that 250,000 crops were under his control.

The Chief Minister also highlighted the importance of measures to reduce the cost of production for farmers, adding that 5.2 million farmers received subsidies in the amount of Rs 8.5 billion for fertilizers.

KM said 10,000 waterways were established on the initiative of Rs 28 billion

He said that the provincial government has already introduced 80 new varieties of fruits, vegetables and other crops.

Unlike in the past, Punjab has introduced a complaint management system to properly handle complaints and punish those who prepare and sell counterfeit fertilizers and pesticides.

According to him, interest-free loans of Rs 15 billion were granted to farmers as part of an electronic loan system to expand the agricultural base and improve the financial situation of the farming community.

He said that mechanized agriculture, such as using a combine, not only saves time, but also costs.

According to him, a production of 19 million tons of wheat from 16.5 million acres is expected in Punjab.

Food Secretary Wakas Ali told KM that more than 650,000 metric tons of wheat will be purchased from the D. Khan unit.

He added that 29,800 metric tons of wheat were provided daily in the province to meet food needs. He added that 1.19 million bags of wheat flour were provided so that people would have no trouble buying Atta.

The Food Minister further stated that the purchase of wheat was prohibited without a license for food grains, adding that people were not allowed to buy more than 1,000 kilograms of wheat for personal use.

Punjab Agriculture Minister Malik Nauman Khan Langarial, Punjab Livestock Minister Sardar Husnayn Bahadur Dareshak, as well as MNA, AMP and officials were present.

Deputy Commissioner Zulfikar Ali Kharal also held a briefing for CM on lobster operations.

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