HUAWEI P40 Pro Makes Home Work Easier During COVID-19

HUAWEI P40 Pro Makes Home Work Easier During COVID-19

Huawei, which in its wildest imagination would have thought that such a day would come when working at home would become such a commonplace. In the current situation, more than half of the world’s population is isolated, which leads to unprecedented homework scenarios.

Now, working from home cannot be a cup of tea for everyone. Some say that makes them lazy, while others feel too comfortable at home. Will your home network be stable enough or will you be safe so that you are not distracted by the first attention that distracts you? Or what if your child decides to play or watch movies on the phone and runs out of battery? These may be just some of the things that pop up in your head when you consider working from home, especially if you have not worked 100 percent remotely. However, this is just a new tweak to adapt, and one of the tools we tend to rely on now is our smartphone.

Don’t worry, because with the 5G HUAWEI P40 Pro features, flagship performance and long battery life, you are promised uninterrupted operation at home – perhaps even an increase in productivity! Here are some ways the latest Huawei flagship can help.

Ensure a reliable and stable connection at any time

One of the most important requirements for working at home is a reliable Internet connection, which you can trust in order not to interrupt your work during a conference call or when downloading or downloading heavy files. This can make your home Internet connection, but now that the whole family is at home and everyone is connected to WiFi, whether it’s e-learning or even entertainment, it can slow down your network.

This is where you should depend on your mobile network. If you have access to 5G networks, the 5G HUAWEI P40 Pro features ensure that you have nothing to worry about. Thanks to the Kirin 990 5G chipset, you get a reliable and stable connection that you can trust in any office tasks, as well as high and efficient performance. The unique chipset architecture also supports 2G / 3G / 4G networks! Just plug it into your laptop and you’re done. However, to use Wi-Fi networks, the Wi-Fi 6 Plus feature in the HUAWEI P40 Pro to speed up your network experience is useful when working from home or in multi-tasking mode simultaneously.

Long-lasting battery for all your needs.

It also means that you need a smartphone that can work for a long time without recharging, since it will do much more with it. Video conferencing to work in the office or even with friends and family at a distance – all this consumes battery power, and this is another reason why you need a large battery in your smartphone that also charges quickly. The HUAWEI P40 Pro features a massive 4200 mAh battery and a 40 W HUAWEI SuperCharge battery, and also supports Huawei’s wireless charging features, allowing you to charge your phone faster than ever.

Stay away from distractions.

To further increase productivity and reduce distractions, you can use the Multi-Screen Collaboration * feature on the HUAWEI P40 Pro. With one touch, you can easily and wirelessly transfer images from your phone to a compatible HUAWEI MateBook laptop. This simplifies file transfer by simply dragging and dropping, allows you to use smartphone apps on your laptop screen, and even lets you control both devices with the same peripherals as on a laptop. You can even receive calls on your laptop and use portable speakers and a microphone.

An app for everything

If you are looking for several productivity apps to help you get the job done, the HUAWEI P40 Pro also comes with the HUAWEI AppGallery, which has a wide range of global and local applications to help you with every task. Simply open the HUAWEI application gallery, navigate to the categories and search for the Business and Tools categories to find the applications you need.

Take some time and write down some memories

If you have free time, you can always relax and enjoy the unique features of the HUAWEI P40 Pro camera.Thanks to the powerful configuration of the Leica HUAWEI Ultra Vision Quad Camera complete with the HUAWEI Ultra Vision Sensor, the largest CMOS sensor in the industry measuring 1 / 1.28 inches, you can practice your photography skills with your kids or pets, or even Take photos of the whole family at home or take night shots thanks to the HUAWEI P40 Pro’s exceptional photography and video capabilities. Camera setup also includes a 50 Megapixel 50 megapixel Ultra Vision Leica Quad Camera, an Ultra Cinema Camera Wide 40-megapixel camera for shooting 4K video quality movies, a 12-megapixel 5x optical telephoto lens, and a ToF camera. This setting, along with AI, also paves the way for unique features like Audio Zoom to zoom audio and video while zooming, HUAWEI Golden Snap for perfect snapshots of everyone, AI Remove Passerby to remove someone extra from your photo and AI Remove Reflection removes unwanted reflections.

The current situation requires a change in everyday situations, but this does not mean that you should interrupt your daily functions. With the HUAWEI P40 Pro, you can continue your daily tasks as before, making it easy to adapt to this new environment. With 5G features, high performance, long battery life and performance enhancing features, the HUAWEI P40 Pro is the perfect tool to help you work better from home.

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