Islamabad: 16 New Cases of Coronavirus Have Emerged

Islamabad: 16 New Cases of Coronavirus Have Emerged

Islamabad: A further 16 cases of coronavirus infection have been reported in the federal capital Islamabad.

According to News, Islamabad’s deputy commissioner Hamza Shafqat confirmed that 16 other cases of coronavirus infection were reported in Islamabad.


According to DC Islamabad, 16 other cases of the coronavirus were detected and sealed off the area near Taramri.

According to News, the Islamabad deputy commissioner said the territory was sealed due to a violation of social distance.

According to Hamza Shafkat, in various places, including the stores, there were many people in the sealed area. He says the district administration immediately took action and completely sealed off the area.

According to media reports, in Islamabad, the area closed on March 23 was opened after the cleanup. Bara Kahu and the city of Shahzad were declared clean, but the affected mosque and surrounding streets will remain closed.

The district administration sealed off the listed areas after identifying the victims of the coronavirus.

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