Malik Riaz Urges Unity Instead of Framing Bahria Town Over Coronavirus Cases

Malik Riaz Urges Unity Instead of Framing Bahria Town Over Coronavirus Cases

LAHORE Around two dozen Bahria City Housing Society workers were identified as positive for the new coronavirus after Pakistan’s largest real estate company sponsored its tests at Shawkat Khanum Hospital earlier this week.

After confirming the COVID-19 cases last Sunday, the police established a partial blockade of the housing community near the Laior Rayvind area. All patients were quarantined by Expocentre Lahore, while the movement of visitors to the city of Bahria was limited to closing all but two entry and exit points.

Malik Riaz, chairman of the Bahria City Group, said the cost of the coronavirus tests, which cost around Rs 8-9,000, was much higher than the general public. So, Malik adds, “Bahria, for his part, is trying to help as many people as possible for this test, including quarantine locations and modern medical facilities in our hospitals across Pakistan.”

“We play our role without too much publicity and panic. This step is part of our efforts to ensure the well-being of people at risk during this pandemic.

“Instead of replacing the city of Bahria under any possible pretext, the time has come to unite in the face of this disaster,” he said.

Meanwhile, Bahria City teams are collaborating with the National Disaster Management Agency (NDMA) and the Provincial Office of Disaster Management (PDMA) to carry out large-scale disinfection efforts to eliminate the spread of the coronavirus in Hannah Bridge and Chatha Bakhtavar, Islamabad.

In accordance with the protection measures defined by the World Health Organization (WHO), the city of Bahria uses imported multi-function dust suppression dump trucks, which are the most advanced and most effective technology in the disinfection process.

Furthermore, a chlorine solution is sprayed daily in these residential and public areas of Bahria Karachi using these trucks.

In addition, international hospitals in Bahria provide medical personnel and the public with all kinds of services for care and protection against coronavirus.

Since Bahria Town encourages people to stay indoors, his leadership made a mark on the floor to help its residents maintain social distance in public places like supermarkets, elevators.

In addition to public spaces, offices in Bahria are being disinfected to ensure the health of workers in Bahria.

Bahriya Dastarkhvan serves people with another gesture of kindness and distributes food packages twice a day, preventing people from gathering, which minimizes the probability of transmission of the virus.

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