Saba Qamar Phone Hacked Due to House Party App

Saba Qamar Phone Hacked Due to House Party App

Before using many apps, make sure they don’t hurt you, actress Saba qamar faced a serious problem when her phone was hacked.

Saba Kamar manager Mashal Cheema spoke about this in his Insta stories, which the actress also shared.

In his post, Mashal Cheema wrote: “They called me from Saba’s number, and an unknown young man asked me if I was a Mashal. He was a little scared and I asked him who you were. he said he had received Saba’s phone from the park where she was running.

Saba Qamar Phone Hacked Due to House Party App

According to the manager of the actress, “I asked him what you called me, to which he said that the phone was unlocked, I asked him where you were.” but he constantly insisted that it was Saba’s number when I got angry he interrupted the call. ”

Immediately after this call, Mashal called Saba Kamaru, and she told him that he was at home and that the phone was with her.

Mashal Chima also writes: “Saba was surprised to learn that someone had called from her number. This may be due to the fact that we use the app for a home party. ”

The manager of the actress made it clear that we have taken all necessary measures and that everything is under control, but they are told that if something goes wrong, they should know why this happened.


Saba Qamar Phone Hacked Due to House Party App

The actress and her manager later told fans on Instagram that they were trying to find hackers and that they also contacted the FIA ​​cyber crime cell.

In the video, the actress pointed to a hacker, and her manager said, “We are looking at you. We follow you wherever you are.

In another Insta story, Saba Kamar warned hackers by playing a Bollywood song.

It should be clear that last week, on Saba’s birthday, her manager greeted her as the most beautiful person from the inside out.

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