PCB Not To Fire Employees Or Cut Their Salaries

PCB Not To Fire Employees Or Cut Their Salaries

LAHORE Pakistan Cricket Board (PCB) Chairman Esan Mani said on Tuesday that the Board of Directors is not considering firing any of its employees or reducing their wages after being partially blocked by the coronavirus pandemic country.

“Our top priority is our employers and players, and they are important to us because we are nothing without them and we cannot manage our cricket system and related activities,” he said here.

The PCB executive said no proposal to show an employee the door or reduce their wages was considered.

“The circuit board is undergoing restructuring, and we will continue to make changes to our organizational structure when a change is necessary to ensure compliance in a specific department,” he added.

Ehsan Mani said that Pakistani cricketers’ core contracts will be backed up on the basis of a performance-based formula and that no unusual changes will be made to them.

“Of course, we will promote and reduce players in various categories of their core contracts, as this is related to their effectiveness and is a common practice that is carried out in accordance with the recommendations of the selection committee,” he said.

He said that despite the current crisis, the PCB will continue its efforts to protect the interests of national cricket players.

“The PCB is determined to fulfill their responsibilities and commitments, and will continue to support former cricketers by continuing to pay them pensions and contracts with cricketers who participate in national cricket tournaments,” said the PCB president, adding that ” We will also expand financial opportunities. to help the former national cricketers that they need, and some of them need medical attention, and we will support them, as we did in the past. “

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