Mufti Muneeb Says Lockdown Will not Be Applicable on Mosque From Today

Mufti Muneeb Says Lockdown Will not Be Applicable on Mosque From Today

KARACHI: Ulema from various schools of thought on Tuesday held a press conference at the Karachi Press Club to announce that the lockdown will no longer be carried out in mosques.

Mufti Munib-ur-Rahman said that the prayers of Taraweeh and Itikaf will continue according to the schedule. He called people who come to mosques to practice social distance.

Meanwhile, Mufti Taqi Usmani called on the government not to arrest people inside mosques. “Everyone who was arrested for visiting mosques should be released,” he said.

He urged believers to wear masks and bathe in their homes before coming to the mosque. “Remove the prayer rugs from the mosques and make sure that sanitizers are available,” he told the mosque administrator.

Mufti Usmani expressed regret that people did not follow government instructions that no more than five people pray in mosques.

He urged people to observe the precautions of the government, but said that it is mandatory for a Muslim to pray in Ramadan.

Usmani said the elderly and the sick should not go into mosques and pray inside. The priest asked people to go home and not gather in a crowd after prayer.

Coronavirus Lockdown lasts two weeks

Earlier that day, Prime Minister Imran Khan announced that the current blockade in Pakistan to curb the coronavirus pandemic will continue for another two weeks in schools and public places, but certain industries, such as construction, will be opened effectively tomorrow.

Speaking about the government’s response to the virus, Prime Minister Imran said: “Because of the restrictions we have introduced, the virus has not spread properly. It spread only 30% compared to our forecasts. ”

The prime minister said government forecasts are based on global trends. “About 190 people were supposed to die so far, but we have less than half the deaths from the predicted number,” he said.

He warned that all people should know that “this virus can spread rapidly at any time.”

“We must continue to exercise caution,” he added.

“The country will have a single policy for Ramadan”
Religious Affairs Minister Noorul Hak Kadri said consultations with religious scholars during prayers on Friday and Ithikaf will take place on April 18, after which the government will decide on this issue.

The minister urged the ulema to work out a consensus, and not make individual decisions. He said that priests of all sects will be trusted.

Kadri said Monday that the whole country will pursue a unified policy on Ramadan this year when the parties develop a comprehensive holy month strategy after the coronavirus pandemic.

The minister said the government will call on Maulana Fazl-ur-Rehman, Siraj ul-Haq, Sajid Mira, Sajid Nakwi and other religious leaders for political consultations.

Referring to adverse incidents involving prayers in the church and violation of the ban due to a pandemic, the minister expressed his dissatisfaction, calling them “losers.”

qadri said a large number of cases have led to unnecessary debate about whether Iranian pilgrims or Tableeghis are behind the spread of coronavirus.

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