Saqlain Mushtaq Urges Pakistan Cricket Board to Avail Expertise of Younis Khan

Saqlain Mushtaq Urges Pakistan Cricket Board to Avail Expertise of Younis Khan

ISLAMABAD – Former cricketer Saklen Mushtak asked the Pakistan Cricket Board (PCB) to take advantage of former batting superstar legend Younis Khan’s experience, involving him in some form of responsibility.

“The PCB should attract someone who has so much self-confidence and resistance,” he said, appearing on his YouTube channel.

“Everyone praised his work ethic and work discipline. He is a worker and wants to achieve results. He wants to do something. He wants to win. I think the PCB should attract him so that he can pass all these [his skills] on to the next generation, ”added Saclane, who is considered one of the best spinning players in the history of cricket.

The 43-year-old, who collected 208 wickets in 49 trials and 288 wickets in 169 One day International tournaments for Pakistan, recalled the time when Eunice Khan made her debut against Sri Lanka in 2000, winning a hundred brilliants.

He said that after outstanding results in home cricket in 2000, Eunice was included in the Pakistan national team for a series against a team from Sri Lanka.

“I was appointed captain of President XII for a parallel match against the guests. Younis’ name was also on the player list for this match, “he said, recalling how President XII was defeated in this match due to bad weather conditions.

He said that at the request of the then Sri Lankan captain, Sanat Jayasuria, a parallel match was organized between the two teams before the series of tests to give the players the necessary practice.

“Sri Lanka was the first to hit, and they probably scored 160 to 170 runs in this match.

“Eunice was outstanding on the field in this match. The way he ran across the floor was also amazing. I was surprised to see the confidence of this rookie player. ”

Sackline said he sent Unis to a field near the border when he (Eunice) requested it. He took two sacks, except he knocked out the batter with a direct shot from there (edge). They made me think that this guy has something special about him. ”

But the former spinning player said he would like to see if Eunice’s confidence and endurance on the field is also visible when she fights.

“When [during our batting] we needed 80-85 in the last 10-12 overs, I saw Eunice walking [with dismay] in the locker room.

“Sitting in a corner of [the locker room], I tried to realize what the young players who had the opportunity in this game are doing.

Eunice approached me and, hitting the shoulder, said: Captain! Send me [to bat]. I will win this match for my team in Shaa Allah. I told him things were going well, and I will see him later. But after one, it came to me again [with the same request]. I saw him from head to toe; His confidence and self-confidence were amazing.

“When our next door fell, Eunice went to the ground. And here it is, shaking the earth. His career between the doors, the technique of playing in the middle and hitting the borders and the sixes, when necessary, were impressive. Pakistan won this match thanks to Younis Khan, who returned undefeated.

The fire within him won, but the spirit did not give up, I was very surprised.

“After we won the match, Sanat Jayasuriya came up to me and said,” Friend, who is this boy?

“I told him that I didn’t know him either, because I missed this domestic season due to the participation of the national team. But I told him he was here because of his performance in home cricket.

Jayasuria was also impressed with Younis’ confidence and style of hitting. He also pointed out that this child is a special person. ”

Saqlain said that when, after side matches, interested PCB officials sought his opinion on the new players, he did not hesitate to introduce the name of Yunis Khan. “I told them that only one child impressed me, this is Eunice Khan.

I told them that this boy wants to convey a message to the entire Pakistani nation. I told them it would also surprise the world.

“I didn’t mean to say that I was included in the Pakistani team just because of my recommendations. It was his industry, skills, confidence, and self-confidence that brought him a place on the team.

The selectors included him in the team against Sri Lanka. He reached 100 in his debut and from there never looked back. He kept racking up runs. And wherever he went, he played cricket in his own style.

“I pray for him … .. Let him live a long and happy life. I would like him to continue to bring laurels to Pakistan, ”the Doosra pioneer wanted to bowling there.


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