Friha Altaf calls Iman Ali’s Interview “A Cheap Publicity Stunt”

Friha Altaf calls Iman Ali's Interview “A Cheap Publicity Stunt”

Supermodel Iman Ali got into trouble after her fashion colleague Mushk Kalim made some comments. During his speech on the Iffat web show, Omar Iman said that modern models are not as smart and knowledgeable as before.

He also asked how models today communicate with each other.

After Mushka, a former supermodel and celebrity, Frich Altaf also criticized Iman for his recent comments.

“I am very surprised by Iman Ali’s behavior,” shared the public relations magnate on Twitter.



“She humiliates not only the model but also criticizes Mahir Khan and Fawad Khan,” added Friha.

Altaf also spoke about the segment when Iman was asked which celebrities they would be if they were not actors. To this, Iman commented: “Fawad could have been a failed comedian, and Mahira should have remained VJ.”

“A cheap publicity stunt because you have a movie. What a shame for those who scoff at condescension” continues Friha.

In addition to Mushka and Frihi, Iman Ali’s comments really didn’t like the famous designer Maheen Khan.

Having shared her two cents on this subject, Khan wrote:

“This word is disappointed. In the end, Iman Ali will be a loser as he showed his true caliber. Very very sad “.

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