UAE to Extend Visas for Pakistani Nationals Due to Coronavirus

UAE to Extend Visas for Pakistani Nationals Due to Coronavirus

The United Arab Emirates (UAE) announced on Thursday the extension of visas for Pakistani citizens, as well as other measures that were discussed during a video link between the UAE Minister of Human Resources and the Assistant Prime Minister for Pakistanis at the Exterior, Zulfi Bukhari.

The UAE Ministry has decided to assist all Pakistani citizens in all possible ways and will provide legal protection to those who wish to remain in the UAE.

A major event was that both ministers discussed that Pakistani citizens who have been recently laid off from their jobs will receive fully paid wages, but virtual jobs will be provided to Pakistani workers as a priority.

To help Pakistani expatriates, UAE companies will also provide airline tickets to Pakistani employees so they can return to their country safely.

Bukhari thanked the UAE for helping Pakistani citizens during these difficult times of the pandemic.

According to Pakistani diplomats, it is appropriate to mention that Pakistan is a major supplier of labor in the UAE, and that more than a million Pakistanis live and work in the country.

Dubai has been blocked since March, as the UAE has stepped up measures to curb the spread of the coronavirus.

In March, the Special Assistant to the Prime Minister of the National Security Division, Moid Yusuf, assured the nation that the government is in contact with authorities in countries where Pakistani passengers are trapped in transit.

More than 35,000 Pakistani citizens have already registered with the diplomatic mission in the United Arab Emirates, trying to find a way to return to their homeland, but the Pakistani government is not launching its limited flights for repatriation.

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