Much More Than a Woman With Cancer: Nadia Jamil

Much More Than a Woman With Cancer: Nadia Jamil

LAHORE Recently, Pakistani actor Nadia Jamil was diagnosed with cancer. Later, the actress underwent an operation and since then she has been constantly informing her fans and followers about her health and recovery.

Going to Instagram, Nadia recently recorded an emotional note that spoke not only about the test she had to endure but also about the possibilities of the disease and how she felt all the time.

“For me, this is much more than being a woman with a #cancer. I am an actor, teacher, mother, child protection worker, and student. But after diagnosis, life suddenly moves into the precancerous and post-cancerous era, “Nadia writes.

Nadia will receive the results in 20 days and will ask for many prayers. The actress also added that if her cancer has spread to the nodes, chemotherapy will start.

In her heartfelt message, Nadia also spoke about how she dealt with the knowledge of her illness after surgery. The Behadd star accepted fear and fear, and yet struggled with resistance.

“I have good days full of sun and love, and when I feel that a bad day is coming, I return to the present moment and remember that Allah Samad,” wrote Nadia.

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There is so much more to me then being a woman with #cancer I'm an actor, teacher, mother, child protection worker, and a student. But after ones #cancerdiagnosis life shifts suddenly into pre cancer and post cancer eras. I cannot stress enough how important it is to diagnose the cancer as early as possible. This is only possible if we have #bodyawareness My lump was a grade three tumour growing fast and it was very near my lymph nodes. During my surgery the amazing docters took my sentinel lymph nodes out for a biopsy. I find out the result on the 20th (pray for me!) . If the cancer has spread into them … I will start chemo … I will go through radiation and hormone therapy regardless. My lump didn't come up on any mammogram. It came up on the ultrasound, because of the weird place it's in. So ladies, sisters, when you do your own #breastexamination please don't forget the area under your arm and your armpits. Learn how to do a #selfexamination Please! It's the only reason my #breastcancer was caught stage one. As for me… I have my good days, full of sunshine and love, and when I feel a bad day coming on I drag myself back to the present moment and remember Allah is Samad. Every cell of mine is full of the divinity I pray to. I read, listen to my favourite Surah, hear a new audio book.. Bill Brysons The Body rocks! Or stare at the clouds and trees. Watching nature documentaries and videos also mesmerises me. There are days I cry. And there are times I'm scared. There are days I don't want to have to deal with a disease that might take my life or keep me in hospitals. On those days I remind myself the ONLY truth we are born with is Death. I then proceed to immediately treat myself to my new cacao niblet almond date balls and a chick flick. So here I am your Nado Jamil, amongst many other things now also a #cancerfighter Thanking you from all my heart for all the love and laughs you share with me ❤️ Here's to birdsongs and flowers, trees and rain, walks in monsoon & munchies with movies. Here's to our friendship and making memories ❤️ #ILoveYou

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“There are days when I cry. And sometimes I am afraid. There are days when I don’t want to deal with an illness that can kill me or keep me in the hospital. In those days, I remind myself that the ONLY truth we are born with is Death. Then I proceed to immediately enjoy my new balls with almond cocoa and almond-shaped dates.

So I am yours. I need Jamil, and among many other things now #cancerfighter too, “added the brave actress.

Nadia finished the note with gratitude, thanking everyone who supported her in these difficult times. “I thank you from the bottom of my heart for all your love and the laughter you share with me.” Here, singing of birds and flowers, trees and rain, walks in the monsoon and spooky movie films. This is our friendship and memories, ”She wrote.

The actress emphasized how cancer self-management was needed, especially for women. She also reported on her illness: “I had a rapidly growing third-degree tumor and it was very close to my lymph nodes. During the operation, amazing doctors took my sentinel lymph nodes for a biopsy. ”

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