Markets in Karachi Divided Into 13 Sectors For Reopening During Lockdown

Markets in Karachi Divided Into 13 Sectors For Reopening During Lockdown

Commercial activities in the main markets of Karachi were divided into 13 different sectors for reopening one after the other on different days during the closing of COVID-19 since reopening all stores at the same time would be detrimental to the efforts being made to slow down the local transmission of coronavirus. reported The News on Monday

The plan for dividing the markets in Karachi into 13 different sectors is part of the recommendations sent to Prime Minister Sindh on Sunday by the ministerial committee to develop an adequate mechanism and standard operating procedures (SOPs) for reopening urban markets. gradually during the blockade of COVID-19.

The Ministers Sinda Sayed Nasir Hussein Shah, Said Gani, Mukesh Kumar Chawla, and Imtiaz Shaikh are members of the Ministerial Committee, which negotiated with representatives of small traders in the office of Commissioner Karachi to develop a consensus mechanism and SOPs to open city markets during the closing of COVID-19.

The SOPs proposed by the Ministerial Committee take into account aspects of the social separation between buyers and workers in urban markets and also guarantee the best hygienic conditions to protect them from COVID-19 after stores.

Shops will open in turn. All outlets associated with a particular business sector in Karachi will be open for one day in a coordinated manner.

According to the Minister of Education and Labor, Sind Saeed Ghani, representatives of small city traders agreed with the recommendations of the provincial government that there should not be a complete revival of Karachi Market activity.

He said that Sind Sindh CM, after evaluating and finalizing the recommendations and SOPs proposed by the ministerial committee, would hand them over to the Prime Minister for final approval.

“We want the COVID-19 to be adopted at the time of the adoption of a single set of SOPs and policies to enhance market activity across the country, as the prime minister himself must approve the specified policy mechanism for the entire country,” he said. he said.

According to him, representatives of small traders are fully aware of the seriousness of the situation. The minister expressed gratitude to small traders for the fact that the Karachi Markets were closed for a month due to the emergency situation with COVID-19.

He said that the recommendations of small traders will be taken into account to help the government revive commercial activities in the markets as much as possible.

He said the provincial government used all available resources to distribute food rations to needy families during a stop.

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