The Government Allows the Export of Textile Masks: Abdul Razak Dawood

The Government Allows The Export of Textile Masks: Abdul Razak Dawood

ISLAMABAD: Imran Khan Prime Minister Abdul Razak Dawood’s trade adviser said the federal government allowed the export of textile masks, Stay Connecting reported Thursday.

The Prime Minister’s adviser on Twitter said that the export of masks will not extend to surgical masks and N95.

“I am pleased to announce the approval of the export of textile masks. A copy of the clarification sent by the Ministry of Health to the RBA is attached. Please note that this does NOT apply to surgical masks and N95 masks, “he said on Twitter.


It should be noted that the National Command and Operations Center (NCOC) last week authorized the export of hand sanitizers and “textile masks.”

Abdul Razak Dawood, Advisor to the Prime Minister for Trade and Investment, said in a series of tweets that this morning’s NOCC meeting approved the export of disinfectants and textile masks, not N95 or surgical masks.

On January 31, an export ban on face masks and hand gloves was imposed as a “first precaution” and to ensure the availability of “sufficient basic first aid supplies” in connection with the coronavirus pandemic.

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