Pakistan to Carry Out 50,000 Tests a Day Next Week: NDMA

Pakistan to Carry Out 50,000 Tests a Day Next Week: NDMA

ISLAMABAD: Pakistan will begin conducting 50,000 coronavirus tests per day starting next week, StayConnecting said on Saturday.

Speaking to reporters, the president of the National Office for Disaster Management, Lt. Gen. Muhammad Afzal, said that at a meeting held at the National Command and Operations Center, it was decided that virus detection kits would be provided to all interested departments in the country to increase the effectiveness of the tests. capacity

He added that previously only those people who were evaluated showed symptoms of the virus; however, randomized testing will be done now.

The President added that there are 800,000 kits available and efforts are being made to purchase them.

On April 11, NDMA received a medical batch from China consisting of 59 ventilators, approximately 936 kg of surgical masks, protective suits, goggles, thermometers, and 1,720 kg of non-stitched fabric for surgical gowns, which were distributed respectively to all provinces.

Beijing had already shipped medical equipment such as PCR test kits, mobile X-ray machines, Chinese KN95 masks, disposable medical masks, and waterproof surgical gowns.

A group of Chinese doctors also arrived in Pakistan on Friday, bringing medications and experience to help the country fight the Coronavirus pandemic.

According to Inter-Service Public Relations (ISPR), the group was led by Major General Huang Qingzhen, and she arrived on two special planes.

“Chinese doctors experienced in treating infectious diseases should support Pakistan’s efforts to combat the situation with COVID-19 over the next two months,” said ISPR.

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