The Do’s and Don’ts During Ramadan Kareem

The Do’s and Don’ts During Ramadan Kareem

LAHORE: Finally, the holy month of Ramadan arrived, and people from the entire Muslim community began preparations for the monthly festival celebration. However, this time Ramadan will not be the same due to blockage of the coronavirus. But this gives you an opportunity to follow one of the basic principles of Ramadan: helping those in need and spending time worshiping Allah.

The country does not have a pleasant time, and there are people struggling to survive. At such times, the importance of Ramadan increases several times. The following are some of the things to do in this Ramadan and to abstain from:


– First of all, wish your friends and family “Ramadan Kareem” or “Ramadan Mubarak”, which means “I wish you a generous Ramadan”. Let the spirit of Ramadan feel first.

-If you fast, take Sehri or lunch before sunrise. Sehri can be a light snack, such as a glass of milk and some dates, a banana, bread, and an egg. Eat Sehri because this little food provides the body with important nutrients that can help it endure prolonged fasting without experiencing physical weakness.

-Check the fast, as soon as the sunset closes beyond the horizon, when you hear the call to prayer of the Maghreb, break the fast in the water, on some dates or fruit juice before offering prayers to the Maghreb.

-If you received an invitation to the Iftar meal or accidentally called your friends to break the fast, show some courtesy and humility in accepting the invitation. You can also offer dates to your hosts, as they are usually the first fast-breaking meal.

– Participate in charity, now that the country needs it most. Donate to the Ramdan camps or contact an NGO that works for the homeless or those struggling to survive during the blockade period.

– Read the Holy Quran. Since the Holy Quran was first revealed to Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him) during Ramadan, now is the best time to assimilate your knowledge into yourself.


Refrain from drinking, smoking, and having sex during the holy month.

– Do not listen to music out loud in public during Ramadan, there are always headphones.

– Wear funny and respectful clothes all month.

– Do not participate in fights, insults or abuse during the holy month.

– Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him) said of Ramadan: “True fasting is not only abstinence from food and drink, but true fasting is abstinence from useless actions and obscene conversations.” Be productive and refrain from useless activities.

Happy Ramadan!

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