Mir Shakil-ur-Rahman Sent to Jail on Judicial Remand

Mir Shakil-ur-Rahman Sent to Jail on Judicial Remand

LAHORE On Tuesday, an accounting court sent Jang / Geo editor-in-chief Mir Shaquille-ur-Rahman (MSR) to jail after a preliminary conspiracy over the illegal allocation of parcels.

The trial is responsible before Judge Saed Jawad ul-Hasan.

At the beginning of the trial, the investigator informed the court that Mir Shaquille was ill and was receiving treatment in a private hospital.

However, the court ordered the investigator to present Mir Shaquille-ur-Rahman immediately, postponing the hearing for a short period of time.

Later, the investigator brought Mir Shakil to trial.

The prosecutor from the National Accountability Office (NAB) told the court that the investigation into Mir Shakil-ur-Rahman has ended and that his arrest is no longer required.

Subsequently, the court sent Mir Shakil to a preventive detention center before May 12 in a judicial process and ordered his production after the expiration of his detention.

The NAB prosecutor asked the court to send Mir Shakil back to the hospital. However, the court ruled that the NAB Director-General is responsible for this, and for this, it is necessary to obtain the court’s permission.

Mir Shaquille-ur-Rahman was detained after he appeared at the anti-corruption service office in Lahore on March 12 after he did not give satisfactory answers during the investigation.

NAB claimed that the accused received the illegal release at 54 sites on a channel in Johar Town Lahore, with the collusion of Nawaz Sharif, then Chief Minister of Punjab, in violation of the release policy.

The Lahore High Court (LHC) dismissed two petitions filed by Mir Shaquille and his wife, contesting the arrest and physical arrest of the chief editor of Jang / Geo.

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