PCB’s New Digital Strategy Sees Fans Grow

PCB's New Digital Strategy Sees Fans Grow

LAHORE – Pakistan Cricket Board digital channels continue to expand their audience with their Instagram pen that recently reached a million followers.

“This is the fourth PCB platform to break the 1 million barriers after Facebook (7.7 million), Twitter (2.4 million), and YouTube (1.8 million),” says the information provided by APP here on Tuesday. In the PCB bulletin, in January-March 2020, he spoke about cricket activities and added: “This increase in the number of fans has followed the introduction of a new fan-oriented strategy in the field of digital content.”.

In May 2019, PCB made a strategic decision to use its digital and social channels to grow and attract more fans. This was done by posting more fan-made content, including posts about Pakistan’s past heroes, current and future stars.

The channels provided fans with a more complete picture of men’s, women’s, and youth players and teams, telling stories from abroad. This was all part of the general fan engagement and digital strategy to bring Pakistani fans closer to the game and its stars.

This strategy of change led to a large increase in the number of fans, which subsequently led to a significant increase in the number of users on all platforms.

“I saw positive changes in the tone, the tenor, and the quality of the content published by the official digital and social media channels of PCB,” said Aarti Singh Dabas, who was the architect who designed and supervised the work of ICC to attract fans and digital technology. Strategy, as mentioned in the newsletter.

Channels, through engagement and relevant content, are now communicating directly with fans, and as a result, the growing number of fans and participation is a testament to the success of the strategy adopted by the PCB in May 2019.

“In today’s world of diminishing attention spans and a wider variety of entertainment, relevant content must be delivered to the fan/consumer.

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