Punjab CM Usman Buzdar Orders Strict Crackdown on Hoarders, Profiteers

Punjab CM Usman Buzdar Orders Strict Crackdown on Hoarders, Profiteers

LAHORE Punjab Prime Minister Sardar Usman Buzdar ordered tough measures against Hoarders, Profiteers and instructed not to show indulgence to those involved in the crime during the holy month of Ramadan.

According to media reports, the prime minister also instructed relevant officials and authorities to carefully monitor the process of conducting auctions in the markets and ensure the supply of all goods at fixed prices by the government.

Previously, in an attempt to control accumulation and speculation in the province, the Punjab government issued a decree prohibiting accumulation, which contains a three-year sentence, a summary court, and the confiscation of accumulated items.

The decree also declared cumulation as a non-bail crime, and now deputy commissioners from all districts have the right to conduct raids without search warrants.

The special judge will announce the sentence in case of accumulation within 30 days. An appeal against the verdict of a special justice of the peace can be filed within 30 days at a court session, which is required to announce its verdict within the next 30 days.

The Punjab government has also released a list of 41 items that cannot be hidden under the decree. Items included; tea, sugar, milk, milk, baby milk, edible oil, fruits, salt, potatoes, onions, beans, fish, beef, lamb, eggs, spices, vegetables, kerosene oil, matches, charcoal, wool, fertilizers chemicals, bird food, cement, cottonseed, caustic soda, pesticides, wheat flour, face masks, N95 masks, disinfectants, surface cleaners.

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