Shireen Mazari Thanks Maulana Tariq Jamil For Apology to ‘Anyone Inadvertently Hurt’

Shireen Mazari Thanks Maulana Tariq Jamil For Apology to 'Anyone Inadvertently Hurt'

Human Rights Minister Shireen Mazari thanked Maulana Tariq Jamil on Tuesday after saying he sincerely apologizes for the comments that could accidentally harm people. Stay Connecting Reported.

His apology comes five days after he appeared on television in Geo News, causing a storm of outrage in the country.

Maulana was invited to say a prayer at the end of the Ehsaas telegraph, held to raise funds for the coronavirus relief fund. However, before his prayer began, he spoke in detail about the pandemic and how, among other things, widespread fraud and lies in society, especially in the media, must be accused of “more actions immoral “of women.

In his apology today, Jamil said, “My goal was to remind all of us to focus on the spiritual and away from our desires and materialism.”

“I am the first to admit, as I have taught over the years, that there is no excuse for making offensive comments about someone or making someone feel uncomfortable,” he continued.

Maulana continued “sincerely apologizing to all who might [accidentally] suffer.”


Mazari noted with satisfaction the clarifications provided by Molana Tariq Jamil. “You have a large following, and this will give a clear signal to anyone who tries to misinterpret your words to attack women,” She said.

Offering his own apologies to Jamil, he said his previous tweet “didn’t mention you” and that he “would like to apologize if he hurts you.”

In response to Jamil’s earlier comments, Mazari, while not explicitly mentioning Jamil, said that for “anyone, under any pretext, even assuming” that the pandemic has something to do with women’s clothing, it reflects “ignorance” and “misogynistic thinking”.

“We will not allow attacks against women under the pretext of such ridiculous accusations,” She added.

The day after the Maulana telethon, Jamil apologized for calling the media “liars.” At the time, there was no apology for the women.

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